Pop Up Store & Workshop at Nygårdsparken – July 2018
16th July 2018

20 Ways How to Use Beeswax Wraps

1. Wrap a sandwich.
2. Wrap half of a fruit or veggie (like lemon, apple or avocado).
3. Wrap a bread or buns.
4. Wrap a toothbrush.
5. Cover a bowl with eg meal leftovers.
6. Roll it to corn for snacks.
7. Fold it to pocket and keep there your dry snacks like eg nuts or dried fruits.
8. Wrap a cutlery for a meal out.
9. Wrap a soap when you travel.
10. Cover top of a bottle with water or lemonade.
11. Wrap a gift so you’ll have two gifts in one :)
12. Pack homemade cookies.
13. Pack teabags you take for a trip.
14. Pack coffee beans.
15. Wrap fresh herbs.
16. Cover the glass with an unfinished drink.
17. Take for shopping package-free shopping eg for dates, dried apricots etc.
18. Cover opened can.
19. Wrap reusable cup or straw.
20. Wrap reusable razor when you travel.